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This week we've got a video tip that you'll want to watch. If you've ever had to mix cleaning chemicals then you need to know how to figure out dilution ratios. That's exactly what this week's tip shows you how to do. And at the end of the video, we'll tell you how to get your own complimentary dilution ratio chart. And be sure to check out the blog, new articles, and see what everyone is talking about in the Discussion Forum.

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Jean & Steve Hanson

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Spanish version of "Cleaning to Perfection" Training Program

"Cleaning to Perfection" Training Programs Now Available in Spanish

Do you have Spanish speaking employees? Are you having a difficult time making sure that they are trained properly due to the language barrier?

In many areas of the United States there is an influx of Spanish speaking employees in the cleaning industry. The Janitorial Store's Cleaning to Pefection Training Programs are an affordable opportunity for cleaning companies to professionally train their Spanish speaking employees. Properly trained employees perform at a top notch level of service that your customers expect and deserve.

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This Week's Tip:
VIDEO: How to Figure Out Dilution Ratios When Mixing Cleaning Chemicals

Have you ever read on a bottle of cleaning chemical something like, "dilute 1:8"? Exactly what does that mean? Well, it's called a dilution ratio, and this video explains how dilution ratios work. Plus you'll learn an easy way figure out how many ounces of chemical to mix with water in order to use the product according to manufacture's directions.

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VIDEO: How to Figure Out Dilution Ratios When Mixing Cleaning Chemicals

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Cleaning Success Blog:

How to Keep Cleaning Supervisors Motivated
A cleaning company owner is having problems with keeping his supervisors motivated. The problem is, they start out doing a great job, but just when it seems he can trust them, their performance goes downhill. He's also wondering if there is something that makes them have the same interest that you do as the owner? Here are some tips I offered to this cleaning business owner:

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What's New:
Meet Steve and Jean Hanson (Founders of in Chicago in April

The publishers of Trash Talk: Cleaning Tip of the Week, Steve and Jean Hanson, will be attending the BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International) Convention from April 13th - 17th.

If you live in the Chicago area, we'd love to meet you! We'll be arranging a get-together over the weekend, with the date and time to be announced. If you're interested, contact us with your name, email address and phone number so we can get back to you with the details.

We hope to meet you there!

Recent Discussion Forum Topic:
Employee Incentives

Teresa would like to start an employee incentive program to promote teamwork and keep a positive morale...something the employees can have fun with but something that will benefit the company too.
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Keeping Your Floors Looking Great With Green Cleaning Products
Hard surface floors cover a large percentage of many buildings and are areas that your cleaning workers will spend a lot of time maintaining. Many of the cleaning chemicals you use to take care of floors contain products can have harmful health and environmental effects. Switching to "greener" cleaning chemicals can reduce these effects and also lead to cost savings for your cleaning company.
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10 Ways to Build Profit in Your Cleaning Business
There are lots of reasons people start a cleaning business - you wanted to start your own business but didn't want to sit behind a desk, you enjoy cleaning or you wanted out of the typical 9 to 5 rat race. No matter what the reasons were that you started your cleaning business, you won't be able to stay in business long unless you are making a profit. With more and more people going into the cleaning field each year, how do you stay competitive, yet earn enough to make a living? .
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