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Guide to Starting a Successful House Cleaning Business

Everything You Need to Know Before Starting Your Residential Cleaning Business

So you'd like to start a residential cleaning business?

Guide to Starting a Successful House Cleaning Business is a practical guide with the real world advice that you need before setting up a house cleaning business.

Many people think that for a few dollars and a little ambition they can set up a residential cleaning business and get rich! The reality is it takes good business practices, professional supplies and equipment, and a lot of hard work to build up a successful cleaning company. But if you are looking for an alternative to the typical 9-5 job and enjoy cleaning, you can build a successful house cleaning business.

Guide To Starting A Successful House Cleaning Business has over 40 pages of practical advice and also an assortment of marketing forms that you can use to promote your cleaning business.

The guide contains the following information:

Getting Started

  • Cleaning Business Start-Up Checklist
  • Start-Up Costs
  • Recurring Monthly Expenditures
  • Home Office Setup Worksheet
  • Supplies and Equipment

Efficiency + Productivity = Profits

  • Cleaning Procedures

Marketing Your House Cleaning Business

  • Judging Your Competition
  • Getting Your First Clients
  • Customer Feedback Form
  • Advertising
  • Low Cost / No Cost Ways To Market Your Business
  • Marketing Action Plan

How to Price Your Residential Cleaning Services

Working With Customers

  • Be Prepared to Answer These Questions From Residential Cleaning Customers
  • How to Get Started with New Customers
  • Understanding Your Customers
  • Why You Should Charge Extra For First Time Residential Cleaning
  • Welcome Letter for Residential Cleaning Customers
  • Residential Cleaning Policies

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